Summer My Bath Seat, Blue


The Summer Infant My Bath Seat helps secure increasingly mobile children transitioning to an adult tub. It’s designed to be an extra set of hands when soapy little kids are beginning to explore their independence. This Summer Infant seat has three sturdy arms that offer 360 degrees of support. It also has a high backrest and a spacious frame to help keep your baby securely in place while freeing up both of your hands to scrub and play. The suction cups on each of the arms of this The Summer Infant My Bath Seat creates a stable and safe design. It’s easy to set up and is simple to remove, as well as store. This bath support seat conforms to ASTM F1967 Standard Consumer Safety Specifications. It’s also recommended for use with children ages 5-10 months. NOT FOR USE AS A SAFETY DEVICE. ALWAYS KEEP BABY WITHIN ADULT’S REACH.

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